Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Amazing, the time has flown so quickly since I last sat and wrote here. With internet connections, computer issues and a crazy life I haven't written anything.
Yesterday, I dropped my babe Max off at the doors of high school... absolutely mind blowing! He was 5 just last week how he is in high school already in mind boggling. Tonight is his first JV soccer game. So exciting and yet I know he is absolutely a bundle of nerves about it all. Watching him grow into this quiet and sweet young man is the most amazing privilege. My prayers for him are unending as he becomes more independent and responsible each day.
He has been elected the patrol leader for his scout patrol and is taking that responsibility on and embracing it. After an incredible summer attending the 100th year of scouting National Jamboree and a week of being a counselor at National Youth Leadership he has grown exponentially!

Giulia had her first day of 7th grade and her first day of foreign language... French. She chose a French name for herself and now will be called Bridgette! Giuliz is such a beauty and I love the joyful spirit within her! She had a wonderful soccer filled summer although neither team was terribly successful. She made great friends that are so like minded that it is scary! Modified soccer starts for her today and she is looking forward to a new coach and playing with her school friends. At the end of the summer she was diagnosed with Osgood Slatters and has been in Physical Therapy all of August to rehab those knees. She is successfully running two miles now and still somewhat nervous about what is to come for her physically with this. It has been a good time to reflect with her about her God given gifts and to be thankful for all thing good and bad. That is a toughy!

It is such a beautiful fall day and I am loving the crisp smell that is creeping into the air and how the colors are becoming richer and warmer than the bright summer hues. I'll keep ya posted on those soccer game scores!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cool Weekend in Honeyland

What a amazing fun filled crazy few days we have had. Friday Max had the pleasure of playing with the school band at the Lilac Festival. It was a beautiful day. The kids had a great time exploring the festival, eating festival fare and making fab music. I loved being able to be part of it!!

Giulia was super excited/ totally nervous this weekend to be asked to play on the U12 girls team for a tournement. She also had some of her closest peeps spend the night for a birthday celebration. We had a bonfire with s'mores, hot dogs and a dance party in the backyard. The girls had a lot of fun together. The U12 girls played tough this weekend and Giulia was thrilled to be part of it... here our our photos from the adventure.
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Saturday, May 16, 2009

The very last

This was it... our very last elementary spring concert! Giulia was in chorus and band. This was the band's first time playing in a concert. They really did sound good! I was totally surprised. Usually they are a group of squeaks and squawks... but not bad for a new group of players! It was hard to get good pictures because of the lighting and the no flash rules but I an sharing the best of what I got and a short video. For you all in Boston you can feel like you were there.
Love you and will update you on the weekend adventures soon!

Love you,

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vacations and Family

We had such a wonderful time on spring break. The kids had hung with friends, went on bike rides, played soccer and had amazing adventures in Massachusetts. Max's favorite part of the Boston escape was the hike at Blue Hills. We all agreed we didn't have enough time to see and explore all that was there to see. Max had fun running ahead to scout out the terrain, slay the occasional dragon, find walking sticks and rocks to add to his collection. I love that he is still so in love with nature and all the wonders that it holds. Max was the only BRAVE soul to go into the frigid Atlantic Ocean. He is growing so fast before me. If his shoes and pants no longer fit at least a part of him I think will always be the same.
The Marathon was the main reason that we went... along with meeting Guillermo (Sue's beau) and seeing Anna and her family. I mean... Lisa and Derrick. Yeah. That is what I meant. I love working at the water stop. The runners totally were inspiring to see. How fun to meet to many fun people and share in such an awesome day. I can't wait to do it again next year!
Giulia, I think love being able to hang out with her Aunties and Anna the very most. She is such a nurturer! Giulia is already asking daily to be signed up for the babysitting class this summer. What a planner she is!

I <3 my family!


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Monday, March 30, 2009


Okay I know that it has been a lifetime since I last blogged but I have been working on some changes. First I changed my blog over to be with all my other Google stuff...( I <3 Google!) and second our internet connection has been challenged. I have been leary to use up our up and download MB's with my silly blogging. So hear I am sorry for the delay.

Max and Giulia had an incredible weekend last weekend with their teams home soccer tourney. They both played admirably and helped take their teams to the finals. Giugiu's team lost in the last 30 seconds it was devastating to Giulia who loves the game and puts so much of herself out there. Maxo also played well. I am so proud of him putting himself in such a humbling position. He is a practice player on the team but got as much play time as any other boy. His team did win in the finals. It was a nail biter tho'

I hope that you all enjoy the pics of the kids!